Recent literary translations and other works 


The Secret Garden' de Frances Hodgson Burnett, traducido al castellano por Isabel del Río Salvador.  Primera edición de 2020.

Publicado por Ediciones Siruela, Madrid

Adquisición en el sitio web de Ediciones Siruela

'Pedir la luna' is a collective book on the subject of translation, published by Enclave in Spain.


The book includes sixty-six essays by prominent writers and translators, and describes the power of translation as a process that subverts both the boundaries of the mind and the limits of language.


Isabel's essay is both a theoretician's and a practitioner's overview of translation based on her experience as a literary, documentary and technical translator.

444 pages

Available to purchase via Amazon

'Vo(i)ces' is a bilingual edition of the winning and shortlisted entries of the Victorina Press Poetry Award 2018, 'Voices-Voces'. Edited by Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes and Isabel del Rio.  The translation of all the poems (into either Spanish or English) included in the book is by Isabel.

119 pages

Available to purchase via Amazon

Some of Isabel's stories have been translated and included in 'The Dedalus Book of Spanish Fantasy'  

300 pages

Available to purchase via Amazon

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