Our little pale blue dot



Make love and not war is no longer a meme.

Will we write about intimacy once more, should we?

Will we ever feel sweetness again, must we?

Tripping on the same goddam stone is no longer a justification for murder.


Cybernetique is an almost 200-year-old word.

The heavens are mutable, Aristotle.

Oh, the misuse of gene therapy.

It appears that space smells just like gunpowder.


What horrors were inflicted on our little pale blue dot placed in the middle of literally nowhere?

So many tears have been shed since Carl Sagan called it that.

We are somewhere between a Planck length of 1.6 X 10-26 nanometres and the Hercules-Corona

Borealis Great Wall, where Light takes 10 billion years to travel from one end to the other.


Green fluorescent protein was first discovered in jellyfish.

Elephants perform rituals for the dead.

Beetles rely on the Milky Way for directions.

Crows harbour grudges.


Is there any point now in sunflowers or harlequins, Mr and Mrs Andrews,

the pathetic or the fantastical, 1984 or the stranger, grass leaves or wastelands, rain

that is purple or rain for dancing and singing, the bohemian and the one who 

strayed, who’s afraid of someone, anyone, and who wants to travel in a streetcar?


The universe, one of many, is 13.8 billion years today. 

Things happen when you leave a Petri dish containing bacteria with its lid ajar.

The emergence of the electric bulb changed people’s sleeping patterns.

1=0.999...on the left, origins of Mathematics; on the right, mysteries of infinity. 


And what about the rule of law, the defence of your rights, the presumption of innocence?

First, inconceivable pestilence; then, unimaginable terror. 

War, massacres, annihilation? And their reply was ‘Crime and Punishment’. Really?

We will reflect on death to live fully; we will revolt in life to die honourably.


the dissemination of knowledge brings about the advancement of humans.

Copernican heliocentrism replaced the Ptolemaic geocentric model.

the wheel was invented in 3,500 BCE, but the invention of the axle came much later.

is all this a lie? 




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