under this pall of mortality, we await – do not forget how sweet the breeze can be – there is unquestionably no one out there – how much pain do you feel, and when, and where? – the sun shining brightly can now never shine enough – that this was never going to end well was not explained to us at the beginning – it is about time you decide what you want written on your tombstone – you had me at goodbye, I am not usually that sentimental – if you are not fearless, what are you then? – you should self-soothe as well as self-gratify – a tomb containing more than the two hearts that Lamartine quoted – is it that you have given up your life and become a renunciate? – this might be the worst time to befriend the ghosts of your dead – I am but a mortal creature masquerading as a woman – birds fluttering in the wind, leaves taking off into the sky – life is now not only shorter but mostly befuddling – we must kill the merciless beast! – regrets are not useless if they fill up an entire life – is a reunion on the cards? – this is when we most need a Swan King – what we demand is nothing short of a revolution – ill-starred or ill-fated, you can get to choose – would you believe me if I told you that I used to lead a very complicated life? – I never imagined I would make it to this age – misquoting Woolf, my soul was always open to rapture and thus it remains – is there anyone out there listening? – from now on expect a franc-tireur around every corner – I never learnt to solve problems that were not of the mathematical kind – the night is not young anymore – you have the melancholy look of someone who is only now beginning to understand – does it all really add up to nothing? – regardless of the drama, Spring always goes to my head  – would you be able to save me if and when I needed saving? – it is not too late to renounce your convictions – I find it so comical when you say that tragedy is very much my thing – I never thought I would never give up – will you ever sleep with anyone again? – dying a natural death will be a thing of the past – more than ever I am the girl with stars in her eyes – don’t cancel your dreams just yet – divide the land in equal parts and win – so why did you accumulate so much? – I never got to know your name – stand among the dispossessed – like Jefferson, you must give up newspapers for Euclid – both you and your memories will be buried, but not in the same grave – are you mindful, are you whole? – this too shall pass, like all things shall perhaps pass

Excerpts from my latest book

'Dolorem Ipsum',

dedicated to the victims of

the 2020 pandemic


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