Other information

Isabel is also known as Isabel del Río or Isabel del Río Salvador. Although the surname 'del Rio' originally includes an accented 'i' ('del Río'), she decided against any diacritics when using her surname in the English-speaking world.

She is the co-founder of the independent publishing imprint, Friends of Alice Publishing, based in West London.

She supports the Green Party, Humanists UK, the World Wildlife Fund, the Animal Rights Party PACMA in Spain, and the Stroke Association (she is a stroke survivor).

She is a member of Exiled Writers Ink (EWI) and SLAP (Spanish & Latin American Writers in London).

She is committed to daily guided meditation, with teachers from Calm.


At this terrible time, pledge your support to the International Rescue Committee providing support to refugees from Ukraine.

Isabel enjoys subscriptions to The GuardianLondon Review of Books, Magma Poetry, MsLexia, Private Eye, and El Mundo Today.