The 'Works in Translation' seminar, organised by King's College London, took place on Thursday 9th December at 7.00pm. This was the third instalment of the Multilingual Literature: Celebrating Multilingualism and Multiculturalism Series. The seminar featured discussions by panellists Isabel del Rio, Júlio Moredo and Mia Roman, and was chaired by Elodie Garceau. We explored the importance of multilingualism, works in translation, bilingual literature editions and reading in languages other than English.


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November 2021 saw the Voces-Voices Festival, both online and live.  A celebration of music and poetry, the Voces-Voices Festival was organised by the prestigious group Quimantú Music. Isabel's poetry reading is here (starts at 27:20)  All episodes of the Festival are released on Quimantu's YouTube Channel.


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'A Woman Alone: fragments of a memoir' featured on the Books by Women website:

"I worked on my recently published memoir ‘A Woman Alone’ for about a decade, recounting not only my own experiences but the historical context in which I grew up.  It all began with a poem discussing several dramatic events that I had lived through, and it built up from there..."  

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Two reviews of Isabel's recent poetry book
'Dolorem Ipsum', by writer and critic
Juan Toledo, editor of the Arts online
magazine 'Perro Negro':
  Our Pain and that of Others
  Speak Up for I cannot hear you

Watch the International Read Carnation
Festival 2021, with poets from all over the world,
celebrating multilingualism and multiculturalism
through the language of poetry.  
Hosted by celebrated poet Ziba Karbassi,
and presented by EWI chair and poet,
Catherine Davidson.  Here is Isabel reading
the translation into English of poems
by some of the featured poets as well as
several of her own poems in both English
and Spanish:  



Isabel's contribution to a recent edition of 'Leyendo Poesía in London', hosted by Enrique Záttara on the subject of Juan Toledo's recent poetry book. View on YouTube

Isabel was in conversation with Mark A. Silberstein discussing her autobiography 'A Woman Alone: fragments of a memoir' at the London Spanish Book & Zine Fair on Friday 15 October 2021.  Here is the YouTube link.


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"No longer my city", as published by Arts periodical Whispering Dialogue, July 2020.


Entrevista con Carlos Fresneda, publicada en el diario El Mundo en julio de 2020 (la entrevista y la foto fueron realizadas unos meses antes).   


Poesíavoz, baúl de voces e ideas de poetas y editoriales en estado de alarma - una iniciativa de la editorial y librería Enclave de Madrid.  Isabel del Río lee  su poema "Un día cualquiera en nueve partes"

'This is War' my poem in 10 parts,  published in The Sunday Tribune


'Peripecias de una editora incipiente' - publicado en la revista digital Perro Negro


'The Labyrinth' from Paradise & Hell, published on the online Arts magazine Minor Literatures


Interview on Soundcloud with Imogen Arate for Poets & Muses literary website

Isabel exhibiting at the Friends of Alice Publishing stand, at the 2019 London Spanish Book & Zine Fair. 

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               'Monument to Cervantes, Madrid' by Isabel del Rio,
published by Whispering Dialogue

'Silence' by Isabel del Rio, published by Whispering Dialogue

Isabel del Rio interviewed at Wombwell Rainbow 24.6.19


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